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Smuffle Fuzz

Smuffle Fuzz

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The Smuffle Fuzz is a smash-up of the most desirable vintage muffs with some oft-requested modifications: a less scooped tone stack, and more clarity at lower gain settings.

Get your Muff fix in a compact, rugged enclosure, with just the right touch of modernity.

The Fuzzes of the 60s led to the Muffs of the 70s: an era dominated by the thundering roar of the Big Muff. For the quizzical Muffheads out there, the Cleveland Music Co. Smuffle Fuzz is based on several “Triangle” and “Violet Ram’s Head” Big Muff variants—both considered among the best sounding and most desirable of the 1970’s Big Muffs. They are known for their tonal balance, medium gain distortion, and a mid range that was not overly-scooped. Our favorite elements of each of these variants come together in the Smuffle Fuzz. But we didn’t stop there: we also added some modern refinements to make it quieter, and more tonally flexible.

Every pedalboard deserves a Smuffle. Because sometimes, a woofy, seething wall of angry, fuzzy bees is exactly the sound you need. Other times, a subtle, refined hairiness is what you’re after. Problem solved. The Smuffle Fuzz can do all of that.

VOLUME: Sets the overall output level of the pedal. Clockwise for more output; counter-clockwise for less. The Smuffle Fuzz packs a punch. There is enough volume to bring an amp to its knees and potentially injure small pets. Fair warning.

TONE: Clockwise for brighter, thinner EQ; counter-clockwise for a bassier, fuller tone. The FLAT | SCOOP toggle affects the shape of the EQ curve.

SUSTAIN: Clockwise for more fuzz; counter-clockwise for less. The Smuffle Fuzz uses a treble bleed circuit similar to what you might find in some guitars. This means that the fuzz tone will not get overly-dark as the SUSTAIN is turned down; the Smuffle Fuzz retains high end throughout the range of the control.

FLAT | SCOOP: Toggles between the SCOOP (vintage) setting and the FLAT (modern) setting.

  • SCOOP will cause the TONE control to behave similarly to the vintage tone stack we’re all familiar with, but not quite as boomy.
  • FLAT changes the curve of the TONE control to produce a flat EQ curve at about 50%. This helps your guitar stay at the front of the mix when you need it.

    True-bypass switching. Top-mounted audio and DC power jacks. No battery snap provided. The pedal is industry-standard 125B in size.

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