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Hothouse Digital Signal Processing Pedal Kit

Hothouse Digital Signal Processing Pedal Kit

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Create your own DSP effects—or use ready-to-compile code from the companion repository—with the Hothouse Digital Signal Processing Pedal Kit. All you need is an Electrosmith Daisy Seed and a little embedded DSP development know-how! Just go to the official Github page to get started.

The perfect blend of DIY pedal kit and digital signal processing software, the Hothouse is an accelerator for creating your own Electrosmith Daisy Seed-based, embedded DSP effects.

Electrosmith changed the landscape of DIY embedded digital signal processing with the release of its inexpensive and powerful Daisy Seed. And even though the Daisy Seed is easy to program in languages like C++, Arduino, and Max/MSP Gen~, there is still a lot of work required to make your project real-world ready: you still need to design and build appropriate audio buffers, source electronic components and hardware controls, and then wire up the audio I/O, power, and other hardware like potentiometers and switches. Many projects may even require custom PCBs or perfboard designs. Then, add to that the design of the control layout and precisely drilled holes in an enclosure, it’s no wonder so many DIY projects never make it off the breadboard and on to your pedalboard.

That’s where the Hothouse helps. You focus on the code, and it takes care of everything else.

The Hothouse features high quality circuitry for audio I/O buffering, power filtering, voltage regulation, and noise filtering, all baked right on to the main PCB. All you need to do is solder in the pots, switches, LEDs, jacks, and ribbon cables. Add your Daisy Seed and you’re good to go. Start hacking and hearing your own code right away, or flash your Daisy Seed with any of the GNU-licensed, ready-to-compile effects from the official companion code repository.

Flexible control layout.

The Hothouse gives you plenty of programmable controls for most DIY projects. With a choice to use either 2-way (ON-ON) or 3-way (ON-OFF-ON) toggle switches, the control layout can be tailored to your project needs. You can even mix and match the switch types if you wish; it’s simply a matter of writing your code to handle the required states. The controls provided are:

  • 6 potentiometers
  • 3 toggle switches (supports both ON-ON and ON-OFF-ON switches) provide up to 27 programmable states
  • 2 momentary foot switches
  • 2 LEDs
  • Top-mounted audio and power jacks
  • Rugged powder-coated 125B enclosure with professional artwork

NOTE: the Hothouse ships with 3-way (ON-OFF-ON) toggle switches. If you want to use 2-way (ON-ON) toggle switches, you will need to acquire them separately.

An official companion repository on Github.

Get involved. Use the official code examples as a starting point, compile and flash them as-is, or write your own effects from scratch with the provided code template. The growing code repository can be found at

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